Chuck Wagon Cookouts
Every Night - (Summer) - Indoor Prime Rib (Oct - April)
Includes a covered wagon history tour of the Oregon Trail, watching the steaks being grilled over an open wood fire, and CAMPFIRE entertainment. You won't walk away hungry!!

Served Every night
call for Reservations - (308) 586-1850

"We won't cook for less than one"

Summer Dinner Includes:
16oz Ribeye Steak
marinated with our special seasoning
Baked potato, Relishes
Creamed Green Beans
Sourdough Bread
Homemade Ice Cream
Cowboy Coffee and Iced Tea

Canoeing down the North Platte River
Historic Tours of Chiminey Rock
Historic Tours
Wagon Treks along the Pony Express and the Oregon Trail
Wagon Treks
Steak Dinner Cookouts and Cowboy Campfire Sing a longs
Romin' Red's famous Seasoning
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