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When you walk into our Taekwondo class, you’ll see everyone in their white uniform and training pants. You’ll see everyone warming up together, learning a technique together and a bowing together.

You’d say there’s a culture here.

Then you’d notice the colored belts, the only seeming indication of differences. You’d accurately assume their differences in experience between students.

You’d also notice those with darker belts tend to be older. You’d notice how much more dexterous these students are. They seem to be sharper in their kicks and strikes. They show more confidence. 

And those with other colored belts follow along, working on their techniques more slowly.

There are clear differences in skill and confidence among the students on the mat while they all practice at the same time.

Here’s how harmony and community take place.

Where It All Starts – Recognizing Why We’re Here

Every Taekwondo student practices to improve his own skill. Everyone moves together as one even as they are working on their own skill and intention.

A Taekwondo student starts on the mat knowing what he can do. And for those who have been in the practice longer, he knows what he wants to get out of every practice session.

This is where it all starts for everybody – knowing why he’s on the mat.

Progress in Taekwondo always starts here.

Where We Grow – The Edge Of Our Abilities

And then there’s what he needs to work on. Every Taekwondo student wants to get better. The senior students and the teacher will show them what they can learn and provide opportunities for practice. But, everyone has to eventually choose to practice with intention.

This is when the student puts in the effort to push himself. He pushes himself to do the technique right. He pushes himself to do it faster. He pushes himself to his limit. That’s when he starts to see a difference – a difference in himself.

He becomes more focused, more intentional and more disciplined. It becomes a discipline beyond what his teacher imposes. It becomes a discipline he imposes on himself.

When We Seek To Be Better

This is ultimately the true meaning of being a winner – not so much on the number of medals and trophies a student has won. Or what standing he holds in a competition. It’s ultimately about being better than he was yesterday, last month or last year. 

The competition becomes a vision of where he can push himself to take his Taekwondo.

Accepting Help And Helping Others

The difference in skill on the mat offers an opportunity to build a community. With the purpose of getting better in Taekwondo, those who know more are able to help and those who need help get some guidance. This is an interaction on the mat that builds confidence and community. 

Where the difference in skill and experience exists, there’s growing confidence and community that abound. This is what makes for a living place of learning.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Taekwondo can help your teen, give us a call at 503-626-1888. 

You can also check us out at our Cedar Mill Martial Arts

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