Custom Embroidery Shops

Embroidery is a versatile need in today’s world. Whether you’re interested in a needlepoint hobby or custom designed shirts for office wear, embroidery helps people stand out in a unique way. Below are where to get custom embroidery in Portland, Oregon.

The Top 8 Embroidery Shops in Portland, Oregon

1.) SwagNW. Swag Northwest provides custom design promotional products and clothing. Whether you need a band uniform, work apparel or band t-shirts, this store provides a wide array of options. For personalized embroidery, files should be sent in the correct format to the company. They can properly assess whether this design will accurately fit the product you need. 

2.) Northwest Needlepoint. This shop specializes in fibers and hand-painted canvases. This arts and crafts store has an iron infusion as well as a variety of different needles and supplies. For needlepoint ideas and inspiration, their Facebook page provides a number of photos from customers. Open from Wednesday until Sunday, they close at six.

3.) Oregon Screen Impressions. Oregon Screen Impressions has in-house digitizing services to create professional embroidery. In addition to sewing labels and patches, this shop also provides 3D embroidery. Commonly referred to as Raised Embroidery, Oregon Screen Impressions uses a type of foam to lift the stitches. This often creates a more noticeable effect when designing custom apparel. If you’re unsure about what type of design you’re looking for, their staff can help you come up with something that will work within your budget and creative style. 

4.) In Stitches. This is another embroidery shop located in the uptown shopping center. In addition to selling embroidery materials, In Stitches also offers classes. This is particularly great if you like to do needlepoint around the holidays or seasonally. With a wide variety of canvases to embroider, there is always something new to create.

5.) Portland Apparel. Portland Apparel specializes in a variety of different uniforms. Whether you need embroidery for the healthcare profession, food service or industrial services, they have a lot of experience in all categories. One of the nice things about Portland Apparel is their employee benefit program. For more information, their site offers information on their technology and production capacity.

6.) Acorns and Threads. Although low key, this store has a wide variety of fabric, thread, kits and charts. They offer a two-day class on the weekend so that pretty much anyone can attend. One of the nice things about Acorns and Threads is there customer service. If you can’t find what you need, they have no problem ordering it for you.

7.) The Needle Art Closet. The Needle Art Closet is unique in its attention to children. They have categories specifically designed for beginners and children who may have never tried embroidery before. Some of the cross stitch options they provide involve patterns for animals, buildings and architecture and a category called “Celtic Obsessions”. 

8.) Shop Strange. Shop strange is a different type of embroidery shop. For custom logos and screen printing, this store offers a variety of custom options. For Polos, work shirts and hats, this type of embroidery can help make a business look professional. Shop Strange’s resume includes designing corporate attire, sports team logos and even construction worker outfits. To receive a quote on custom orders, email Shop Strange for details. 

Portland, Oregon has a wealth of embroidery shops available. Depending on your individual needs, there’s a shop for everyone.

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