The Importance of Home Mold Removal Services In Oregon

Cleaning Mold

The presence of a mold buildup can be a troubling situation for a homeowner. When these growths are present, they can represent a significant health risk to those who reside in the home. The presence of mold can also cause property damage. One of the biggest issues with mold is that it can rapidly spread once it does get into the home.

When Mold Appears

These facts help to demonstrate why professional home mold removal services are so important. Pure Maintenance Cascades ( ), are the region’s leading experts in home mold removal and have put together some useful information that all homeowners should be aware of when it comes to the topic of mold in the home.

How Does Mold Enter the Home?

You might not realize it but mold can be present almost anywhere. This is what makes it so easy for it to enter and spread in a home setting. Its microscopic spores can become airborne. This makes it possible for them to enter into the home through doors and windows. Mold spores can also infiltrate your home through the HVAC system. These spores will collect in places where moisture exists and can quickly grow to a significant size. This is a health hazard as mold is an allergen. These points about how mold can get into the house help to emphasize the importance of contacting us at Pure Maintenance Cascades if you identify an issue in your home. Anytime you have a mold issue that has contaminated an area of ten square feet or bigger, it is time for us to send our trained professionals out to assess and deal with the situation. 

It Is Important to Keep an Eye Out for Mold Issues in the Home

It is important to know what areas you need to keep a close eye on in your home. There are certain areas that can be considered the usual suspects when it comes to their ability to attract mold. These areas include:

  • Window Sills
  • Bathrooms
  • Areas That Regularly Flood
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Basements

These are the areas that are the most common sources of mold infestations in the home. You should also keep an eye on any other areas of your property where moisture and water accumulate. It is important to catch mold early before it has a chance to spread to a significant degree. 

More About Local Mold Removal Companies

Pure Maintenance Cascades uses an innovative approach to home mold removal and dedication to customer service which are the factors that set them apart from the competition. They use an innovation dry fog technology to tackle the task of home mold removal. This technology is proven for its effectiveness in eliminating mold issues through the use of a dry vapor method. The innovative technology is combined with the team’s commitment to delivering you a superior customer experience. Their commitment to serving the region’s homeowners has helped them to build a trusted reputation that they are proud of. You can rely on their team to never cut any corners when they come to perform home mold removal for you.

Contacting Pure Maintenance Cascades

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They are excited about the opportunity to show you the difference that comes from working with our team of home mold removal professionals. Making you their next satisfied customer is a priority.

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