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How to Plant & Care for Blueberry Plants.according to Oregon State University’s Website. Growing blueberries can be very rewarding. You can eat the berries fresh, make them into pies and other desserts, or freeze, dry, or can them for later use. In Oregon, the blueberry fruiting season depending on the type of blueberry and cultivar.

Highbush blueberries, the most common in Oregon, are perennial, long-living. " You can grow plants in beds, rows, hedges or individually,".

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Growing Blueberries. How To Grow Blueberries. It’s hard to beat a handful of fresh blueberries straight from the garden, especially on top of your cereal in the morning. With the right selection of plants, ample water and a good layer of mulch, you will be able to enjoy your blueberry bushes.

10-Minute University Oregon Master Gardener Association – Clackamas County Chapter In Cooperation with Oregon State University Extension Service Growing Blueberries Why Grow Blueberries? Edible: eat berries fresh; use in pies & other desserts; freeze, dry or can them for later use. long fruiting season: it extends from late June through September.

Oregon State University. EC 1304-Revised March 2008 $1.50. Growing highbush or cultivated blueberries can be very rewarding. You can eat the berries.

. ripe fruit in Oregon from late June through September, depending on the type of blueberry and cultivar. July is National Blueberry Month and gardening centers are gearing up to explain the range.

The founder of a global blueberry nursery company based in Oregon is stepping down as CEO. From humble beginnings, the company has grown to operate as a blueberry plant producer and breeder with.

Cold-hardy Northern highbush blueberries are some of the most commonly planted in the United States, Strik said. These 4- to 6-foot tall plants grow well in any region in Oregon. Of these, Strik.

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But, thanks to climate change, the blueberry growing season is being altered. Oregon’s blueberry industry in 2016 is valued around $85 million, according to information from the U.S. Highbush.

Learn everything you need to know about growing blueberries from an Oregon State University Master Gardener. Find more videos at:

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