Industrial Manufacturing Industry In Oregon

The purpose of the industrial manufacturing industry is to fabricate parts and products intended for industrial use. It might not sound like much, but the industrial manufacturing industry is almost solely responsible for mass production in most other industries thanks to its purpose in the market according to Entro Industries Trailers manufacturing.Essentially, this industry is responsible for manufacturing a wide variety of machinery ranging from small household appliances to large heavy-duty machinery. This also includes things as minuscule as packaging products, small hardware, tools, and more. Despite the wide range of products and pieces that come from industrial manufacturing, they all serve one purpose – to reduce the expenditure of human energy needed to complete a job of any size. 

The earliest forms of industrial manufacturing date back to even the most basic of defense, hunting, and farming equipment that were (at the time) made from natural resources in order to reduce the need for more man-power. Now, industrial manufacturing can be classified into two broad groups: standard, and custom-built. In the past, the industrial manufacturing industry produced pretty standard equipment. They made parts or machinery that could be used by most people and companies due to the lack of technological, and industrial advancements at the time. Now, custom-built parts and machinery are more common than ever thanks to a boom in industry advancements as technology has continued to change and innovate our processes. While standard equipment is often much cheaper and easier to make than custom, most machinery now requires custom pieces for the multitude of functionalities they provide. 

The industrial manufacturing industry really sets the tone for the entire market. While its sole purpose is to manufacture parts and products for other industries, their products directly affect how well, and fast, other industries can produce their own products. If a business can make their product faster, and more efficiently, the production and labor costs go down while sales (typically) rise, or stay the same. Unfortunately, due to rising wages and operating costs in the U.S., labor-intensive manufacturing is being outsourced from countries like China and India where operating costs are much lower. On the same note, many jobs that once required human laborers is now being taken over by computers, robots, and programmable equipment. While this is not necessarily directly hurting the industrial manufacturing industry as of now, huge technological advancements are on the horizon and could change that very quickly. 

Trends show that more established manufacturers are actually beginning to reach their max potential, while newer, more innovative manufacturers are growing rapidly along with technology and society. Founded in 1994, Entro Industries has been providing simple solutions to complex problems for over 25 years. Thanks to many years focusing on providing technical services to a multitude of industries ranging from construction to aerospace, Entro has developed numerous patented designs that address unique challenges across multiple different industries. Prior to starting Entro Industries, owner Harlan Smith worked in a variety of industries as a mechanical and structural engineer. With over 55 years of innovative design and manufacturing experience in the industrial manufacturing and oil field industry, Entro Industries has undoubtedly solidified its spot in the industrial manufacturing landscape.

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