leptospirosis in oregon

Q. What are the effects on marine life in Oregon? A. Leptospirosis is periodically detected in California sea lions along the California and Oregon coast, usually every 2-4 years. It results in increased strandings and mortalities among sea lions. young male sea lions in the fall appear to be the most susceptible to the disease. Other marine

To characterize the demographics, exposure risks, and outcomes for dogs with leptospirosis in Oregon between 2007 and 2011 and to identify geographic and temporal distributions of known cases of canine leptospirosis within the state during this period.Retrospective descriptive epidemiological study.72 dogs.Reports of laboratory tests for leptospirosis and zoonosis reporting forms voluntarily.

Testing for leptospirosis is currently performed with the PCR DNA test for the actual organism retrieved from either blood or urine. oregon state veterinary Diagnostic laboratory and IDEXX now both advertise this PCR testing on the DNA of the actual organism.

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Additionally, Oregon regulations dictate that we must see a patient at least once per year in order to continue prescribing medications. vaccinations for Dogs**: 8 weeks of age: first vaccination for DHP-P* 12 weeks of age: first booster for DHP-P, plus initial vaccination for Leptospirosis

pending on the incidence of leptospirosis in your area. Leptospirosis is most commonly found in . Hawaii, the west coast (especially Califor-nia, Oregon and Washington), the upper Midwest, parts of Texas, Colorado and the mid-Atlantic coastal region. Canine leptospirosis also occurs in the southeast-ern US. Healthy dogs who come in contact with

A sharp increase in the number of sick and dead California sea lions has been reported along the Oregon coast in recent weeks, and necropsies conducted on dozens of the animals suggest that many may.

Leptospirosis Fact Sheet for Clinicians contains information about the background, transmission, clinical findings, treatment, laboratory testing, sample submission, prevention, surveillance, and reporting of leptospirosis. The fact sheet is available in English and Spanish. Leptospirosis Fact Sheet for Clinicians Cdc-pdf [2MB, 4-pages, Print Only]

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Our oregon coast sees a Rise in Sea Lion Deaths Caused by Leptospirosis Infection: Protect Your Dogs and Family. There has been an increase in Leptospirosis (Lepto) infections in sea lions and other marine wildlife along the Oregon Coast recently.

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