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The list of Oregon ballot measures lists all statewide ballot measures to the present. In Oregon, the initiative and referendum process dates back to 1902, when the efforts of the Direct Legislation League prompted amending the Oregon Constitution for the first time since 1859.

Oregon Criminal Sentence, Measure 57 or Senate Bill (SB) 1087 was on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Oregon as a legislatively referred state statute.It was approved.. Measure 57 increased term of imprisonment for persons convicted of specified drug and property crimes under certain circumstances.

On Feb. 15, with no fanfare and with virtually no public comment, voter-approved Measure 57 was cryogenically frozen until some distant point in the future. During the recently ended special session.

Evaluation of Oregon’s Measure 57 Drug Court Program Oregon Criminal Justice Commission and NPC Research . Figure B – drug court participants Had Fewer New Cases with Each Charge Type . This evaluation showed a reduction in recidivism for this group of property offenders when compared to the group of offenders who received traditional probation.

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The Oregon Constitution is clear that the Legislature needs a two-thirds majority to make changes to voter approved ballot measures. In 2009, lawmakers did make changes to Measure 57. And they did.

The surge of thieves and drug dealers expected to hit Oregon prisons because of tougher crime laws has been pushed off as much as four years, potentially saving taxpayers millions and forestalling.

oregon ballot measure 57 (2008) or Senate Bill (SB) 1087 was a legislatively-referred state statute. oregon ballot Measure 57 (2008) or Senate Bill (SB) 1087 was a legislatively referred state statute that increased term of imprisonment for persons convicted of specified drug and property crimes under certain circumstances.

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SALEM, Ore. — oregon gov. kate brown signed the nation's first statewide mandatory rent control measure on Thursday, giving a victory to.

But if Measure 57 passes and gets more votes, it will kill Measure 61 and avert a fiscal catastrophe. Since Measure 61 is seen as a sure-fire winner, a no on 57 would essentially be a yes on 61.

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See section 8, chapter 649, Oregon Laws 2013. The amendments to 137.717 (Presumptive sentences for certain property offenders) by section 6, chapter 673, oregon laws 2017, become operative July 1, 2023, and apply to sentences imposed on or after July 1, 2023. See sections 12 and 13, chapter 673, Oregon Laws 2017.

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