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Exotic Animal Breeders – Oregon Animal Breeders. Oregon Exotic Animal Breeders. Animal Breeders Alabama Alaska arizona arkansas california. Lion Attack Should Not Change North Carolina’s Exotic Animal Laws Where are pet foxes legal? List of Legal States for Each Species Information about.

Owners of exotic pets that don’t have permits will have to give them up or sell them legally to someone out of state. The law covers the following animals: Felines not native to Oregon, with the exception of domestic cats. Non-wolf canines not indigenous to Oregon, except domestic dogs.

Exotic Animals; Feed Safety and Pet Food.. Feed Testing and Resources; Pet food; frequently asked questions; laws and Rules Currently selected; Licenses, Registrations, Permits, and Training. Aerial Hunting Permit; Brand Registration;. Oregon Veterinarian Information System (OVIS)

Pets are like people (when it comes to divorce) If a divorcing couple owns a pet, they better be ready to remain friendly with each other. That’s because a new law treats pets like people.

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These Oregon laws concern the regulation of exotic pets in the state. An "exotic animal" for purposes of the section means a member of the family Felidae not indigenous to Oregon (except the domestic cat), any nonhuman primate, any nonwolf member of the family Canidae not indigenous to Oregon (except the domestic dog), any bear except the black bear, and any member of the order Crocodylia.

(c) An exotic animal protection organization, including humane societies and animal shelters, incorporated under ORS chapter 65, that houses an exotic animal at the written request of the state or a state agency for a period not to exceed 30 days. (d) A law enforcement agency.

Oregon’s exotic animal law requires a permit for the following: — Felines not indigenous to Oregon, except for domestic cats. — Nonwolf canines not indigenous to Oregon, except for domestic dogs.

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Exotic Animal Law in Ohio Oregon Veterinarian Information System (OVIS) Agency Main Content The major goal of the Animal Health and Identification programs is to enhance economic production of livestock.

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Here's one unique pet that is legal in each individual state in the United States.. Exotic animal laws are similar in that you might need a license to own them and that the rules vary from state to state.. Oregon: Zebras.

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