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UNITED STATES AND CANADA OBSIDIAN SOURCE CATALOG. The summit caldera of Newberry Volcano, Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon. The 1,350 year-old Big Obsidian Flow is located in the lower right quadrant.

Obsidian Flow A four square mile area of black and grey volcanic glass where kids of all ages will enjoy one-mile interpretive walk. At just 1,300 years old, the Big Obsidian Flow is the youngest lava flow in Oregon.

Obsidian is an igneous rock, a volcanic glass used for thousands of years to make cutting tools.. idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. Most obsidian used in the jewelry trade is produced in the United States. Obsidian spear point: A spear point fashioned from opaque.

State archaeologists are excited about the discovery of 15 Native American artifacts in the Willamette Valley. Scientists believe the obsidian tools, known as bifaces, are somewhere between 1,000 and.

UNITED STATES AND CANADA OBSIDIAN SOURCE CATALOG. Porphyritic obsidian from the indian rock source (aka unknown variety A). The geologic location of this source, one which was occasionally identified in geochemically characterized artifact collections from southcentral Washington and northcentral Oregon, eluded archaeologists for many years.

Obsidian is one of only two trails in Oregon where visitors must purchase one of a limited number of $10 permits before entering. The goal is to limit human impact in the stunning but fragile area.

Shasta, a small alpine community near the Oregon border. The city is named. home would stand on ashy soil flecked with pumice and obsidian, reminders of the eruptions of centuries past.

The Obsidian Trail provides an excellent perspective on the many facets of this unique Cascade environment, from dense forests to rugged mountain views, gentle streams to open meadows, lava flows to obsidian cliffs.

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Creating a Stone Axe Head with Primitive Tools Welcome to the U. S. and Canada Obsidian Source Catalog.This catalog is maintained in part for the Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory to provide support and information for clients and for the archaeology community in general. Please keep in mind that the U. S. obsidian source catalog project provides only a snapshot of what still currently remains a moving research target.

A non-profit outdoor club in Eugene, Oregon involved in hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, cross country skiing. The OBSIDIAN Bulletin – 1936 to Present.

Obsidian Architecture is based in Bend, central Oregon and specializes in high end residential architecture and custom home design.

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